Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My first post

Mandelbrot set inward zoom

This is my first post on this blog and as such it will be brief. My intention is write on topics I am working on or reading about. Any feedback with regards to the content would be much appreciated.


  1. Hi Jorge, congratulations for your blog. I find it very intesante.

    On the first post may indicate certain bibliographic references on Mandelbrot set. I found this link on google

    On the other hand, this type of fractals have any application in the field of science?

  2. Hi Vladimir. Thanks for your comments. Indeed fractals were a hot topic in the mathematical world some years ago because it opened a new way to understand nature. Fractals/ Dynamical Systems/ Chaos were based on the same thing: recurrence. So, this is the feature to look into any object of study were fractal can be applied. Obviously there more characteristics to it, Self-similarity, etc. Applications of it today can be found in Economics, Medicine and even Movies. I have seen articles that even it is used in cryptology.
    Popular names to google about are: Mandelbrot, Peitgen, Julia, etc. Hope this helps a little bit.