Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BI Publisher - Layout Builder preview in 10g

Author: Jorge Anicama
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If you are a BI Publisher user of release (Patch 9229122) then you would like to know that this release includes a preview of the Layout Builder (WYSWYG Editor) part of the official release 11g.
Only thing you would have to do is set one particular parameter in xmlp-server-config.xml located in the repository directory xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Configuration as follows:
After restarting OC4J this change will take effect. When you create or modify a report then you will notice that under the "Layout" section there is a new button "Layout Builder" available.
The template prepared by the Layout Builder will have extension .xpt and will be an XML file which contents will only be rendered properly in the Layout Builder tool. In addition to this, the tool will not read any other file type than .xpt.
I guess that if you want to edit the .xpt file outside the Layout Builder you could use any XML text editor and assign a schema or DTD to it, but that is the topic for another post in this blog :).
At this point I would like to make a disclaimer: the parameter is an undocumented feature in release and thus is not supported by Oracle in this release. So please DO NOT call Oracle Support for this.

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