Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Upgrade BI Publisher to 11g

Now that more and more customers are starting to use the newest BIEE 11g release a commom question asked is : How do I upgrade my BI Publisher 10g to 11g?.

Sometime ago we made a presentation on BI Publisher 11g and touched this matter. Here we revisit this interesting topic again and present you a summary of the upgrade process.

The upgrade of BI Publisher 10g to 11g is essentially a three step process:

1. Install BIEE 11g
2. Run Upgrade Assistant (to upgrade BI Publisher 10g Repository)

3. Run Upgrade Assistant (to upgrade BI Publisher 10g Scheduler metadata)

In Windows to start the Upgrade Assistant using the GUI change directory to the ORACLE_HOME/Oracle_BI1/bin directory of the Oracle Fusion Middleware installation: ua.bat

Assumptions: Certain considerations should be taken during the process as for example.

  1. BI Publisher 10g Repository is file based. If it is XMLDB based then move the directory to a file system before migration. As of release 11.1.0 there is no support for XMLDB repository type (Future will use MDS as repository).

  2. The upgrade assistant assumes the BI Publisher 10g repository is accessible in a shared drive.

  3. Before upgrade, make sure BI Publisher 11g is set to repository File Type (by default it is BIEE Catalog) because the UA only upgrades to file type repository.

  4. After upgrade, BIEE 11g and BI Publisher 11g integration works if security is "Fusion Middleware" and BI Publisher Repository is BIEE Catalog. So use the utility in BI Publisher 11g Administration --> Server Configuration --> Select Catalog Type: BIEE --> set the BIP Repository path -->Upload to BI PS Catalog
For more further detailed process, follow my friend's site:



1. Oracle BI Publisher 11g Documentation

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oracle BI Publisher 10g - New patch released (March 2011)

A quick note to just let know our followers that there is a new BI Publisher 10g patch released just today through the Oracle Support site: http://metalink.oracle.com


We will look into it and see if there are useful things which were corrected.

Stay tuned BI Publisher is coming soon!