Friday, February 25, 2011

BI Publisher 10g: Switching from BI Server to XDO security mode

The BIEE10g default installation provides BIEE services as well BI Publisher services. Also, by default from this installation BI Publisher 10g is configured to authenticate all users through BI Server: “BI_SERVER”. But there is a way to switch BI Publisher from this pre-configured authentication mode to its own: “XDO”.
First, make sure all BIEE and BI Publisher (OC4J) services are down, next just (first make a back up of this file) modify the file xmlp-server-config.xml located at: C:\OracleBI\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Configuration
and modify the entry from   <property name="SECURITY_MODEL" value="BI_SERVER"/>  to   <property name="SECURITY_MODEL" value="XDO"/>

Now, all you need to do is launch “Start OC4J” icon from your “Business Intelligence” programs group and immediately after BI Publisher will be running in stand alone mode. There is no need to have BI Server services running at all.

The predefined user for this setting is Administrator and password is Administrator. Now all users are controled and authenticated through BI Publisher interface.

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